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In order to comply to the letter received no 1-1/2013-GBC dated 27-05-2013 from MHRD Government of India, regarding Administrative measures to tackle the menace of sexual crime against women, the "Women Cell"  was re- organized in the month of July 2013. The following faculty / staff members were nominated for this cell:

1.    Dr. (Mrs.) Kiran Saksena, Professor, DER, Chairman

2.    Prof. (Mrs.) Asmita Khajanchi, Associate Professor, Vice- Chairman

3.    Dr. (Mrs.) Anjana Tiwari, Assistant Professor, Secretary

4.    Mrs. Mohini Kathuria, Joint Secretary

5.    Dr. (Mrs.) Susan Mathew, Associate Professor, Member

6.    Dr, Mrs. Priyanka Tripathi, Associate Professor, Member

7.    Dr. Mrs. Vandana Somkunwar, Associate Professor, Member

8.    Mrs. Jyotsna Tambe, Member

9.    Girl Student representatives from PG programs, Members  


Action plan for 2013-14


Administrative measures to tackle the menace of sexual crime against women

The administrative measures taken to tackle the menace of sexual crime against women at the Institute are as below:

  1. Women cell - consisting of members from faculty, supporting staff, students of PG programmes is functional in the Institute
  2. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  which invites suggestions regarding policy for women focused on their safety, security and empowerment is operational
  3. Provision for Girls Common Room(GCR) in the Institute
  4. Provision of Vigilance through Closed Circuit Television(CCTV) at sensitive places Viz., Parking, Corridors, Canteen is operational in the Institute
  5. Planning to conduct Self defense class for girls – Level I and Level II

Activities of the Cell:

Month: July 2013:

Dr. (Mrs.) Kiran Saksena, and Prof. (Mrs.) Asmita Khajanchi, Dr.Sanjay Agarwal, Dean participated in  a "Workshop To Sensitise the Management & Teachers of  Technical Institutions to Tackle the Menace of Sexual Crime against Women" at ITM University, Gwalior , organised by AICTE Regional Office ,Bhopal.  

Month: August 2013:

  • The planning meeting of the Women Cell was organized in  August 2013 in which the Action plan was prepared and finalized. (Action Plan Appended)
  • The provision of Vigilance through Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) at sensitive places Viz., Parking, Corridors, Canteen was made operational in the Institute.
  • There  is a special link on the Institutes Website for Women Cell .

Month: September2013:

  • Slogan competition on the Theme " Women as Power of the Society" was organized. The participation was high and received good slogans on the theme. The wards were distributed to the winners.
  • The campus has proper light arrangement especially near Girls hostel.

Month: October 2013:

  • An Interactive Session of Mr. Gaurav Shrivastava ,Counsellor of the Institute on "How to Live a Better Life"  was organised for the women employees and students of the institute. He discussed the following points :-
  1. How to improve our health
  2. How to change our thinking
  3. How to maintain positive thinking
  4. How to plan our schedule and how to teach values to children.