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Journal of Engineering, Science & Management Education

(A Quarterly Research Journal)

Volume -2     July - Sept. 2010   



Techno-realism 04-08

H.V. Tiwary


Preparing Teachers of Today for the Learners of Tomorrow 09-16

Rajesh P. Khambayat and Shyamal Majumdar


IT based Knowledge Management Framework for Improving Research and Development Process in Technical Education  17-22

Sanjay Agrawal, P. B Sharma, M. Kumar and Anil Kumar : A Tool For Social Transformation   23-25

Dhananjay N.Bhavsar, Mayank R. Kothawade


A Skin Tumor Presenting with Paraplegia -A Case Report   26-28

Yasmeen Khan, Rajendra Mehta, Rakesh Kundu, Sharmila Kumar


 Synthesis And Study of The Mannich Bases of 4-{(Dipropylamino)[Bis (Methylene)]- Sulfanyl}Benzamide  29-33

A.D.Manikpuri, S. Joshi, and P. V. Khadikar


 Cable layout design of one way prestressed concrete slabs using fem  34-41

Ahmad Ali Khan, K.K.Pathak and N.Dindorkar


Application of Genetic Algorithm to Neural Network Model for Estimation of Wind Power Potential   42-48

M.K. Deshmukh, C. Balakrishna Moorthy


Ionospheric Effect on GPS-based Marine Navigation   49-56

Rajesh Tiwari, Smita Tiwari, Soumi Bhattacharya, P. K. Purohit and A. K. Gwal


Modeling Angiotensin II Antagonist Activity of 4H-1, 2, 4-triazoles   57-66

Jyoti Singh, Santosh Kumar Shukla, Basheerulla Shaik, Vijay K. Agrawal


P-RAM Algorithms and Data Structures for Sparse Linear Systems   67-72

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Katare, Dr. P. K. Rai, Prof. N. S. Choudhari


Microbial Studies on Some Metal Complexes with Tetracycline   73-77

Pranay Guru


 Magnetic Behaviour of Lanthanum and Cerium Nickelates  78-79

Kanchan Gaur, Shalini and Satyendra Singh



Developing A Model for Enhancing Institutional Flexibility in Order to Provide Academic Services  80

Anil Kumar


Knowledge and Networking for Sustainable Development–a Case Study   01-03

 Lars Hallén