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Journal of Engineering, Science & Management Education

(A Four Monthly Research Journal)

Volume -4     Jan - March 2011   


1.The Status of Non-Technical Component in Engineering Curricula

 Sanjay Mishra

2.Success Story of Padmakar-Ivan Index in Nano-technology and Drug Design

 Sapna Pandit, Hansa Acharya, Sanjay Agrawal, Vijay K Agrawal & Padmakar V.Khadikar

3.Financial Aspects of Green Buildings

A.K. Garg

4.Data Warehouse Design: An Object-Oriented Approach

S.K. Gandhi & Shailendra Jain

5.Study of Pedagogy used by Ustads (master craftsmen) to Train Youth in Skills in Auto Technician Vocation in Informal Sector

Saurabh Prakash & Anil Kumar

6.QSAR Study on the Inhibitors of Human Carbonic anhydrase-I (CAI)

Anupama Tiwari

7.Recent Trends and Developments in Apparel Marketing in India

Pratyush Tripathi

8.Partial Purification and Characterization of α-amylase from Marine algane Stoechospermum Marginat

Shiladitya Mitra, Sharan Ragunathan, M.K. Tripathi & Rahul Shrivastava

9.Electrical Transport in Light Rare-Earth Nickelates

Kanchan Gaur, Shalini & Satyendra Singh

10.Factors affecting Consumer Preferences of Shopping at Organised Retail Stores in Punjab

Bharat Goel & Bhushan Dewan

11.Modeling Toxicity of Nitroaromatic Compounds

Basheerulla Shaik, Dadan Prasad Singh & Satyandra Singh

12.Enhancing Communication Skills using Language Laboratory

S.K.Saxena, Kiran Saxena & Ajit Dixit

13.Customer Perception of Store Brands Vs. National Brand in Select Area of Maharashtra

Krishna Mohan Sharma, D.K.Dubey & B.D.Pandey

14.Managing Learning in Organizations

B.L. Gupta

15.Rainfall Analysis of Bhiloda Rainfall Station in Hathmati River Basin

S.K. Dave, N.J. Shrimali, & M.J.Zala

16.Integrating Human Values in Technical Education

Rashmi Chaturvedi


A study on Ascertaining Commitment Level of Faculty Members of S.V. Polytechnic College, Bhopal and Formulating Strategies to Enhance it


The Creative Training Idea book by Robert W.Lucas, Indra Publishing House, Bhopal

Uddeepan Chatterjee