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Brief CV : I am pleased to introduce myself as a Engineer-Manager– Educator. Basically, I am a Civil Engineer and I have obtained my Bachelor degree in Civil Engg. From Govt. Engg. College Jabbalpur (now JEC) with distinction and Masters and Doctoral Degrees in Geotechnical Engineering from I.I.T. Bombay.  Working on the research problem at IIT Bombay exposed me to the excellent academic environment, research methodology, problem solving. Designing algorithms for variational method and Finite Element Method and sharpened my nascent computer skills. 

After completing Ph.D. I joined KND Engineering Technology Ltd. (a leading Geotechnical Engg. Concern), Bombay where I was initially entrusted with the task of supervising Geotechnical investigations, setting up of laboratory and preparation of Geotechnical reports. A few months later I was entrusted with the responsibilities of managing Bombay  Regional Office (Western and Central Region). This included day-to-day management of operations, which gave me a rich industrial experience.  KNDETL taught me the value of communication; I learnt tendering, marketing, negotiations, project and operations management alongwith how a company tides through their bad times.

I joined NITTTR Bhopal (then T.T.T.I, Bhopal) in May 1995. Here, I gained experience in project management, project design (LOGFRAME), training needs analysis, training design, implementation and evaluation, instructional resources design including  multimedia, web based learning resources and other training technologies.

I got an opportunity to work as a consultant to the World Bank Group as a Consultant – Technical education on two projects, viz., The Third Technician Education Project and Technical Education Quality Improvement Project.  I assisted the Bank in preparation of Project Concept Document and Project Appraisal Document for the Third Technician Education Project, India. Working with World Bank have enriched me in the project design and appraisal and exposed me to an outstanding work culture and environment both technologically and professionally. It also gave me an experience in working in a multinational multicultural environment. Recently (in 2008), Govt. of Madagascar requested and hired my services for design of a World Bank assisted Project, viz., ‘Madagascar for Growth (MEG)’ I was also considered by Govt. of India for Faculty Secondment to CPSC Manila in 2003. 

In addition to the above, I provided my services to the National Project Unit, New Delhi, State govts. SPIUs , SPFU and MHRD, Govt. of India for Project Design and other consultancy assignments.

Current Position: Professor (Education Management- Strategy Design), Continuing Education Centre

Phone No.: O755 – 2748380 (R), Mobile No.: 094251 63874
E-mail Address:  
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  , This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Qualifications: B.E. (Civil Engg) from Govt. Engg. College,  Jabalpur
                            M.Tech (Geotechnical Engg.) from IIT Bombay
                            Ph.D (Geotehnical Engg.) from IIT Bombay
                            Certified Financial Manager from CFM Bangalore

Interest Areas: Project Design, Project Management, Educational reforms and Innovations, Learning    Resources Development, Economics of Education, Financial Management

Research Interests: Economics of education, financial management, desirable abilities of fresh graduates, supply chain management in educational institutions, educational reforms in engineering educational institutions,

 Books Published
1. Dixit, R.K. et al, “Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines” published by Continuing Education Centre, Directorate of Technical Education, Govt. of Gujarat, (1996).
2. Dixit, R.K. et al, “Marketing Management ” published by Continuing Education Centre, Directorate of Technical Education, Govt. of Gujarat, (1996).
3. Dixit, R.K. et al, “Manufacturing Processes - 1” published by Continuing Education Centre, Directorate of Technical Education, Govt. of Gujarat, (1996).

1. Computer-based Multimedia Training Packages, namely,
- Operation and Maintenance of lubrication systems (1996)
- A multimedia profile of Indian Cement Industry (1997)
- A multimedia profile of TTTI Bhopal (1999)
- A CBT on “Domains of learning” (1998)
- A CBT on “Selection of Teaching methods” (1999)
2. Training Package on “Environmental Concerns in Tanning Industry” for State Pollution Control Boards of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka assisted by Danish Aid Agency (DANIDA consisting of Training Plan, Trainers Guides, Trainers Text Book, Participants Guide and Participants Work Book, Transparencies, Slides and CBT (1998)
3. Three training Packages on “Operation and Maintenance of Heavy Earth Moving Equipment” for Operators, Supervisors and Maintenance personnel of Cement Industries (1995, 1996).
4. “Project Planning Implementation and Evaluation” for Commonwealth Youth Programme, Commonwealth Secretariat. (1997)
5. “LogFrame Analysis”  for Rajiv Gandhi National Institute for Youth Development, Chennai (1996)

• Economics of education
• Training needs analysis
• Learning theories

DOCUMENTS PREPARED (for various projects, and consultancies working as a team member/ leader)  project proposals/ DPRs etc..

1. “Project Concept Document for Third Technician Education Project, India”, World Bank (2000)
2. “Project Appraisal Document for Third Technician Education Project, India”, World Bank (2000)
3. “Creating Enabling Environment- Administrative and Procedural Reforms”, National Project Implementation Unit, New Delhi (2001).
4. “Technical Education Quality Improvement- Programme Description and Guidelines”, National Project Implementation Unit, New Delhi (2001).
5. “Technical Education Quality Improvement Project- Guideline Document for States and Institutions”, National Project Implementation Unit, New Delhi (2002).
6. “Vision 2010- NITTTR Bhopal”, NITTTR Bhopal (2004)
7. “Vision reach strategies – NITTTR Bhopal”, NITTTR Bhopal (2005)
8. “Restructuring NITTTR Bhopal”, NITTTR Bhopal (2005)
9. “Proposal for Deemed-to-be-University Status for NITTTR Bhopal” (2006)
10. “Detailed Project Report for Establishing a New Polytechnic in Arunachal Pradesh”, (1999)
11. “DPR for establishing Women Polytechnic in Tripura”, (2003)
12. Four documents for Review Committee (2006), viz.. ‘NITTTR Bhopal: A Brief Profile’, ‘TOR-wise report of NITTTR Bhopal’, ‘NITTTR Bhopal: Challenges & Issues’ and ‘NITTTR Bhopal: Programme of Action’
13.  “EFC memo of TTTIs), (1997)

Research Papers

 Research Papers Published in Journals and Conferences
1. Mandal J.N. and Dixit. R.K. (1986), “Under What Situations are the Geotextiles More Effective Than Traditional Methods for Ground Improvement and Drainage”, Response paper to Indian Geotechnical Conference 1986, New Delhi, Vol.2, pp 195-199.
2. Mandal.J.N. and Dixit R.K.(1990), “An Approach to Design of Soil Geosynthetic Systems”, Fourth International Conference on geotextiles and Geomembrane, 1990, The Netherlands, p 161.
3. Dixit, R.K., and Mandal, J.N (1992)., “Finite Element Analysis on Stability of Geosynthetic Reinfroced Soil”, Proceeding of Indian Geotechnical Conference on Geotechnique Today IGC-92 Vol. 1, Calcutta, December, pp. 259-260.
4. Dixit, R. K., and Mandal, J. N., (1993) “Bearing Capacity of Geosynthetic Reinforced soil Using Varational Method”, International Journal of Geomembranes, UK No1. 12, No.6, pp. 543-566.  
5. Dixit, R.K., and Mandal, J. N., (1993) “Dimensional Analysis and Modeling Laws for Bearing Capacity of Geotextile Reinforced and Unreinforced Soil”, International Journal on Construction and Building Materials, Vol. 7, No. 4, Dec., UK, pp. 203-205 
6. Dixit R.K. (1999), “Performance of Distance Learning Students vis-a-vis face-to face students in technician diploma programmes in India”, ICDE 19th World Conference on Open Learning and Distance Education, Vienna, Austria 20-24 June 1999.
7. Dixit R.K. (2002), “Technical Education in India- A Country Paper”, Challenges and Opportunities for Middle Level Technical Manpower in Asia- Pacific Region, in “ A Regional Seminar and International Conference Organised by IDEB, Dhaka in Collaboration with CPSC Manila, 18-20 May 2002”
8. Chugh, C.K. and Dixit, R.K. (2005), “Transforming India to a developed nation.  Role of Engineers and Engineering Education”; The Journal of Engineering Education Vo. XVIII: No. 3, pp 12-18, January 2005.
9. Chugh C.K., and Dixit R.K. (2005), “Promoting the Use of Instructional Objectives”, The Journal of Engineering Education Vo. XVIII: No. 4, pp 50-55, April 2005..
10. Dixit R.K., and Chugh C.K. (2007), “Accreditation : Focus on students abilities”, Proceeding of International Conference on Higher Education held at IISc Bangalore, 12-14 July 2007, pp 85-92, July 2007

Projects : Projects 22 Nos.
1. Worked as Coordinator of three subcomponents of Consultancy Project Tech Ed III, viz, Autonomy, Continuing Education & Staff Development to assist state of Govt, of Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh (2001-07)
2. Worked as Deputy Coordinator of Tech Ed III Project at NITTTR Bhopal (2001-07)
3. Worked as Team leader for Designing Base Documents of Technical Education Quality Improvement Project of Govt. of India assisted by the  World Bank (2001)
4. Worked as Member of Research Study Project to carry out Research Study in Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh and TEQIP institutions (2005-07)
5. Coordinated and led a team of faculty members for designing various proposals such as Vision 2010- NITTTR Bhopal, Vision Reach Strategies etc.(2003-2007)
6. Coordinated and led a team of faculty members to develop 4 Documents for Review Committee (2006)
7. Coordinated and led a team of faculty members Deemed-to-be University Proposal for NITTTR Bhopal (2004-2005)
8. Coordinated and led a team of faculty members Organisational Restructuring of NITTTR Bhopal (2006)
9. As an individual consultant designed and prepared project report for establishment of a new polytechnic in Arunachal Pradesh in the individual capacity acting as a consultant to the Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh (1999).
10. As a team member, prepared Detailed Project Report for establishment of new “Women’s Polytechnic  at Agartala, Tripura”  (2003-04)
11. Coordinated and led a team of faculty members in design and development of packages TP-17 (Environmental Concerns in Tanning Industry) for State Pollution Control Boards of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka assisted by Danish Aid Agency (DANIDA). (1998)
12. Coordinated Design and development of Computer Aided Learning packages for UK-British Council-REC-Project.(1999)
13. Worked as a tem member for CBT “ Cement Industry of India a profile” (1997)
14. Worked as a team member for  CBT, “ TTTI Bhopal : a profile” (1998)
15. Worked as a team member, “L03: Operation and maintenance of Heavy Earth Moving Equipment for Operators” (1995).
16. Worked as a team member, “L04: Operation and maintenance of Heavy Earth Moving Equipment for Supervisors” (1995).
17. Worked as a team member, “L05: Operation and maintenance of Heavy Earth Moving Equipment for Maintenance Supervisors” (1995).
18. Worked as a team member, “S05: Operation and maintenance of Lubrication systems” (1997).
19. Worked as Author and Editor, “ Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines” (1996)
20. Worked as Author and Editor, “ Marketing Management” (1996)
21. Worked as an Editor, “ Manufacturing Processes I” (1996)

Research Studies: RESEARCH STUDIES CONDUCTED (18 Nos.)
1. Curriculum for Vocational Education for the state of Meghalaya (1997)
2. Curriculum of Entrepreneurship to be introduced in courses of Rajiv Gandhi Technological University (Bhopal). (2004)
3.  Six Research Studies on “Utilization of Resources acquired under Tech Ed III”, Research Studies for Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh and National Level (2007)
4. Seven Research Studies on ‘Impact of Tech Ed III Project” a research Study on Polytechnics of Jammu & Kashmir State (2007).
5. “Training Needs Analysis of Polytechnic Teachers of Nagaland State”, (2001)
6. Two Research studies “Training Needs Analysis of Tanning Industry of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka” (1998)

International Collaborations: Acted as consultant to the World Bank on Indian and International Projects

International Visits: Bangladesh, Madagascar

Ph.D. Guided : One

Masters Level Thesis Guided: Three