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Dr. J. P. Tegar,Professor  

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering 

National Institute of Technical Teachers' Training & Research,

(Under Ministry of Human Resource Development, Govt. of India)

Shamla Hills, Bhopal - 462 002, M.P. INDIA

Ph Office 0755 2661600-603 Ext 376 

Res. 0755 2493302  Mobile 09424475186

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Date of Birth : 08-06-1965

Key Areas

  • Laboratory development
  • Training of teachers in CAD
  • Conduct of induction programmes
  • Curriculum design and development
  • Civil engineering


Brief CV:  

Educational Qualifications :

 1.         Ph.D. ---Technical Education 2004

 2.         M. Tech.  with First Class passed. —1992

 3          B. Engg. Civil Engineering  with First class passed —1987

 4          Higher Secondary   with  1ST CLASS/DIVISION—1982



·         Fellow Member -Institute of Engineers (IE-I) -INDIA

·         Life Member -Indian Society of Technical Education,(ISTE), New Delhi.

·         Life Member- Indian Society of Training and Development (ISTD),

·         Life Member- Indian Society of  Civil Engineers(ISCE)

·         Life Member- The Institute of Civil Engineers (ICE)

·         Life Member- Indian Geotechnical Society (IGS)

·         Life Member - Indian Concrete Institute (ICI)



·         Technical Teachers Training – Training of Trainer ( TOT) for Pedagogy and Educational Technology


·         Curriculum Design and  Development for Technical and Vocational Education.


·         Training Needs Assessment (TNA) for Curriculum and Programme Design


·         Outcome Based Education (OBE)


·         Student Assessment and Examination reforms.


·         Academic Audit -Design and Implementation


·         SWOT/SWOC  Analysis for an organization


·         Visioning the future- Institutional Planning


·         Project planning and Development


·         Consultancy on Technical education and Research


·         Distance Education & Continuing Education- Learning Resources Development


·         MOOCs Design and Development


·         Use of DACUM for curriculum development


·         Instructional/Learning Resource Development


·         Technology Trend Forecasting


·         Competency profile generation




United Kingdom (U.K.) --   Curriculum Development and Continuing & Distance Education at University of Huddersfield, U.K


Botswana (Africa)             Training of Roads Engineers and Technicians, Research and Projects. Curriculum Development, Examination Reform. Instructional Material Development,



United Kingdom (U.K.) -- 1997                             University of  Huddersfield,                     

                                                                       University of Liverpool

                                                                        Manchester University

                                                                        University of Breadboard

Botswana -Africa   1999-2001                            Roads Training Centre, MWTC

                          2006-08                                University of Botswana

                                                                                    University of  South Africa -RSA

            Australia-2011                                                    Curtin University                         

Singapore-2011                                                  NTU-Singapore                          

USA       2012-13                                                 Louisiana                                                          


                                                                        New York 

Italy 2014                                                          American University of Rome, Italy

             UAE-2018                                                           American University of Dubai- UAE

Germany-2019                                                    HUL, Hannover, Germany




Post held

Employer name and Address



Site Engineer

M/s Paharia Construction Co. Bhopal


Jan 1988 to Jan 1989

One year

Lecturer in Civil Engineering

Technical Teachers Training Institute  Shamla Hills Bhopal INDIA


Feb 1989 to Mar 1995

Six year

Asstt. Professor- Curriculum Development


Technical Teachers Training Institute  Shamla Hills Bhopal INDIA

Mar.1995 to Mar.2003

Eight year

SRE- Training 

Roads Training Centre , Ministry of Works and Transport, Govt. of Botswana


Jan. 1999 to Jan 2001

Feb 2006- March 2008

Four year

Professor - Civil Engineering Curriculum Development

National Institute of Technical Teachers’ Training and Research, Bhopal, India


March 2003 to contd…





30 Years


·         Civil Engineering

·         Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering

·         Teachers Training and Education

·         Technical Education and Research

·         Technical Vocational Education and Training(TVET)

·         Research, Consultancy, Coordination, Monitoring and Academic Projects

·         TQM in Technical education

·         Higher Education Planning

·         Academic Audit in technical Education



·         Chairman Admission and Examination- Contd

·         Head , Civil and Environmental Engineering- 03 years

·         Head Institute Works Department - 5 Years

·         Head  Curriculum Development Centre- two years

·         Finance Authorizing Officer- Govt. of Botswana- 02 years

·         Coordinator for RGNDWM- 03 years

·         Coordinator for Survey Projects- 01 year

·         Leader of Curriculum Development teams in Botswana- 05 years

·         Chairman/Member in various Selection committees- 05 years

·         In-charge Engineering Laboratory -5 years

·         In-charge -CAD Centre  - 5years

·         In-charge- Guest House - 05years

·         Had been a Member in Purchase Committees- 01 year

·         In-charge Principal at RTC Botswana - Occasional



·         Leadership and team work;

·         TQM in higher Education

·         Building Partnerships

·         Creating synergies through self-control;

·         Promoting Accountability and Results-Based Management

·         Convincing and proficient communication

·         Optimization in resources utilization

·         Managing conflict;

·         Initiative-taking for Self-development

·         Encourage others for learning and improvement

·         Informed and transparent decision making


PROJECTS (Contributed)

·         Technical Education Project of Govt. of India (Tech Ed-I)

·         Technical Education Project of Govt. of India (Tech Ed -II)

·         Technical Education Quality Improvement Project of Govt. of India   (TEQUIP)

·         Technical Education- Curriculum development and review Revision for the     states of Maharashtra, M.P., Gujarat, Goa, Chhattisgarh

·         Preparedness for Washington Accord

·         Conferences and seminars

·         World conference IFTDO

·         CPSC, Manila Training at  Bhopal

·         World Bank Fellowship programme. At University of Huddersfield , U.K.

·         National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD), Hyderabad

·         ISTD National convention on New Trends in Training at Channai

·         International Conference on Wind Energy: Trend and Issues

·         Washington Accord-India's Preparedness INDIA

·         International Conference on Advances in Geotechnical        Engineering(ICAGE) Australia.

·         International conference on Geosyntehtics USA

·         International Conference of society for information Technology and Teacher Education-USA.

·         International Conference for Academic Disciplines organized by        International      Journal of Arts and Sciences at American University of     Rome, Italy

·         International Conference- Dubai, UAE



·         Guided faculty on various educational research projects.

·         Guided ME/M. Tech. students for their research projects, seminars, surveys and presentations

·         Coordinated, organized, and conducted about 300 programmes/workshops for various target groups/stakeholders  

·         Guided M.E./M. Tech/M. Tech Ed research projects

·         Guided foreign researcher on education management and planning


·         MS  Office

·         Project planning and Management

·         Developing MIS

·         Auto CAD


 Field of Specialisation :

•Geotechnical Engineering

•CAD - Civil

•Technical  Teachers Training 

•Engineering Curriculum Development & Research

•Quality Audit for ISO 9000 

•DACUM /NGT for Curriculum Development

•Instructional Media Development 

•Student assessment and evaluation

•Engineering Laboratory Development &  Management 

•Accreditations /NBA

•Research and Guidance for M. Tech. /M.E ./M. Tech. Ed Scholars

•Green Buildings


 ·         Prof J. P. Tegar  “Transforming Undergraduate Curriculum of Engineering and Technology Programme in India: Next Gen. Perspective”  2nd International Conference on Research in Teaching & Education , June 21-23, 2019 in Vienna, Austria

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 Thesis/Dissertation Evaluated

University of Papua New Guinea,  (PNG)- On GIS

University of Madras, India - On Curriculum Development

 Member - Editorial Board of  RGI International Journal of Appried Science & Technology, ISSN: 2230-939X  Since Year 2015