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During current age of Knowledge-based society, science & technology, and technical education has assumed an indisputably significant role and in that it has been making rapid strides in keeping pace with various current industrial innovations & technological advancement NITTTR, Bhopal , which is  primarily responsible for developing competent human resource by designing and imparting need based quality training programmes, research studies, learning resources and need based curriculum for technical education system, industry and community is helping in developing and augmenting faculty and staff of technical institutions as well as developing and strengthening the institutions.

With the opening of the doors to multinational companies, Indian Industry is also adopting new technologies, improved methods of production and quality control, efficient machine tools and equipment.

The technical institutes have now a greater responsibility to cater to the need of Industry which is passing through a transition phase. The activities of NITTTR, Bhopal thus indirectly help the technical institutions to produce more competent technical manpower in the form of Engineers, Managers, and Supervisors/ Technicians.

 Persons working in the technical Institutes and particularly teachers of technical institutes perform multiple roles, which include instruction, instructional material development, curriculum development, research and innovation, testing and consultancy services etc. To perform the multiple roles, teachers need to develop competencies such as proficiency in subject matter, pedagogical knowledge and skills, managerial skills of motivating, decision-making and leadership etc.

In today's changing environment, the demand for quality technical education has increased. Only a technically and professionally trained person can successfully make ones career in the present world of science & technology.

The NITTTR, Bhopal is making all out efforts to train human resource with novel techniques & method of instruction. The Institute also takes meticulously to provide leadership qualities, scientific & organizational expertise, technical assistance & other resources, and latest technical know how to fulfill the demands and needs of learners.

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