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Name : Dr.Ajit Dixit 

Associate Professor 

Date of Birth: 23 Nov, 1956 

E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Key Areas:

  • Training of Teachers
  • Soft skills development
  • Electrical Engineering

Brief CV 

Qualifications: B.E. (Elect. Engg), M.Tech(Engg Materials), M.Tech(Digital Comm), MIE, Ph.D(Elect. Engg)

Department: Deptt. of Education & Research 

Phone No.: +91 (755) 2661600-602, 2661607-609 (O), Ext.336 

Mobile No.: 9685742594

Interest Areas: Education Technology, Teacher Training, Induction Programmes, Electrical Engg. 

Research Interests:

Books and LRs: Learning Resource: Handouts

1. Management Information Systems

2. Local Area Networks (LANs)

3. Database Management Systems

4. Communication Skills 

Monographs/Articles/:एजुकेशन सुपेर्लाब्स : प्रायोगिक शिक्षा में परिवर्तन की नई दिशा, डॉ. अजित दीक्षित, विज्ञान पत्रिका, विज्ञान संकाय परिसर, इलाहाबाद विश्वविधालय, इलाहाबाद -211002 

Reports/Discussion Papers 

Research Papers:  1. Discrete Event Systems, 8 papers (2005-2008)

2. Shot Peening Machines and systems, 7 papers (1990-2001)

3. Education Management Information System for the Universities of 21st century in India (2000)

4. Economy in Developing the Computer System Laboratory for Experiments and Training (1993)

5. Education in New Millennium  (2000)

6. Using Special Trans-Receiver Sets for Computer Based Interactive Instructions in Distance Education in Indian Context (2000)

7. Psychological Basis of Mobile Learning and Activity Based Approach (2010)

8. Enhancing Communication Skills using Language laboratory (2011) 

Projects (Title and Role)

Role in Projects : Assistance with active participation

1. CAMTECH – Preparation of Competencies

2. Internet Connectivity in the institute

3. Rajiv Gandhi National Drinking Water Mission project

4. T.T.T.I. LAN Project


6. Development of Information System – website development project  of POC

7. RGPV Competency Based Curriculum Development Project for Electronics and Communication degree programmes.

Research Studies

International Collaborations

International Visits: Short Course on “Labour Market Information System”, SIVAT-KOMA,  Seoul, Republic of S.Korea, 2001. 

Ph.D. Guided 

Masters Level Thesis Guided

  1. Designing Local Area Network for TTTI Bhopal.(MBA Project)(2000-01)
  2. Dispensary: Patient Profile System. (MCA Project (2002) (VB,Access)
  3. Computer Systems: Equipment Profile. (MCA Project)(2002) (VB,Access)
  4. Hostel Management Information System. (2003) (VB,Access)
  5. A Study to Compare the Effectiveness of Multi Media Learning Package(MMLP) and Traditional Lecture Method on Achievement of Students. (M.Tech.(Ed))(2011)