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The particulars of NITTTR, Bhopal, it's organization, functions and duties as per Memorandum Of Association (MOA) of the society are as under:

About NITTTR, Bhopal

National Institute of Technical Teachers’ Training & Research (earlier known as Technical Teachers’ Training Institute), Bhopal is a premier national institution established in 1966, by the Government of India under the Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD) for the improvement of the quality of technical education systems. Over the years, the institute along with its Extension Centres at Ahmedabad, Pune and Panaji has developed an excellent working synergic partnership with industries and field agencies besides several technical institutions of repute at the national and international level. The institute holds expertise in the various areas of technical education like human resource development, curriculum development, educational management, policy formulation, continuing education, student assessment, multi-media and video programme development, community networking, industrial liaison, designing learning resources and education research.It is internationally recognized for its HRD services and its innovative approaches in developing professionally competent manpower. The institute has a matrix organizational structure to integrate the departments and centers. 


The institute is a major resource institution for entire gamut of technical education system including polytechnics, engineering colleges, management institutions, vocational education system and other professional institutions. It  also provides need based training programmes for the industries, government agencies, and field industries. The Institute has a matrix operational structure integrating the departments and centres to maximize its potential.  With about sixty nationally and internationally trained and competent faculty members, the institute conducts various programmes, researches and projects in the following major areas of expertise:
Ø      Basic Teaching Competencies Development
Ø      Curriculum Development
Ø      Developing Evaluation System
Ø      Research Studies
Ø      Management Development
Ø      Content-updating in technology & allied areas
Ø      Laboratory Innovations
Ø      Industry-Institute-Interaction
Ø      Training Need Analysis
Ø      Training of Trainers
Ø      Training Packages Development
Ø      Computer Based Multimedia Packages
Ø      Instructional Material Design & Development
Ø      Institution Building
Ø      Visioning the Future
Ø      Total Quality Management
Ø      Designing Policy Documents and Proposals
Ø      Designing, Implementing, Monitoring and Evaluating Educational Projects on turnkey basis
Ø      Community Development
Ø      Entrepreneurship Development
Ø      Communication Skills development
Ø      Soft Skills Development


Various long-term and short-term training programmes are designed and conducted with emphasis on competency acquisition, some of which are:
Ø   Doctoral Programme in Technical Education.
Ø   Master Degree Programmes include M.B.A of 4 semester.
Ø   Teaching Competencies Development Programmes for newly recruited teachers.
Ø   Short-term Programmes in various areas including subject matter updating.
Ø   Customised short-term programmes for industries and field agencies.
Ø   Training of foreign nationals working in technical education system of their countries under Technical Cooperation Scheme (TCS) of Govt. of India.

The institute also develops and disseminates different types of instructional resources for the various client systems these includes:

  •  Video programmes (also on VCD/DVDs)
  •  Multi-media package
  •  Text books
  •  Laboratory manuals
  •  Work books
  •  Self learning modules 


  • Applied Science
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Computer Engineering and Applications
  • Education & Research
  • Electronic Media
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Management
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Vocational Education and Entrepreneurship Development