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The  Powers & Duties (responsibility and authorities)of the following officers & employees of NITTTR, Bhopal are as follow.

 DIRECTOR : The Director  is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NITTTR Bhopal and shall act as Secretary of the society.

The Director shall be responsible and authorized for;

1.       ensuring effective communication with all concerned

2.       maintaining liaison with MHRD, Govt. of India, State Directorates of Technical Education, National Project Implementation Unit, AICTE and other National and professional bodies such as CPSE, NGOs, CII, FICCI etc.

3.       the entire operation, administration, management and control of the organization

4.       total Quality System being implemented in the organization vested with the authority for its operation and maintenance in the organization

5.       complete finance related functions of the Organization

6.       identification of new projects in consultation with concerned HOD / HOC.

7       development, and marketing of new and ongoing developmental products

8       overall purchasing function for the Organization

9       technical discussions and price negotiation related to various projects in consultation with concerned HOD.

10.    approval of training, certificates and examination results

11.    performing any other work assigned by Board of Governors, Ministry of Human Resource Development

The Director  shall execute all his responsibilities as per the MHRD guidelines, GOI rules approved by BOG.


HOD  shall be responsible and authorized (for their respective department / centre) for;
1.       promoting production of quality learning resources in the department / centre.
2.       monitoring the quality of work carried out by all persons
3.       identifying and recording quality problems
4.       initiating actions to prevent the occurrence of product  / service non-conformity
5.       contributing effectively for accomplishing mandate of  the institute
6.       developing the five year plan for the department/centre in consultation with faculty / staff of deptt.
7.       managing the resource requirements of the department/centre
8.       identifying maintenance of all machines/equipment  in the department centre
9.       planning the yearly activities keeping in view the availability of faculty and other members of departments and resources
10.     performing administrative work both at departmental and institutional level as delegated by the Director
11.     maintaining the future growth of department / centre and encouraging the growth of individual faculty & staff member
12.     maintaining synergic relationship  with other departments /centres/sections of the institute in fulfilling all responsibilities related to his designated position
13.     performing any other work assigned by the Director
14.     marketing of products / programmes / services of the department / centre
15.     undertaking consultancy / research projects in the relevant areas


Professor shall be responsible and authorized for,
1.       providing leadership in both post-graduate and PhD / Doctorate level programmes and courses
2.       conducting research and providing guidance to students and faculty
3.       designing and introducing innovations and undertaking researches to sustain/foster innovations
4.       undertaking researches for analysis of technological trends and needs for curriculum development and developing resource materials
5.       action research based policy planning, monitoring and evaluation and promotional activities both at departmental and institutional levels
6.       designing systems, processes and new programmes based on Research Studies to enhance technical viability of client institutions
7.       providing Consultancy services
8.       undertaking continuing education activities based on scientific need analysis
9.       counselling trainees and interacting with them
10.     performing administrative work both at departmental and institutional levels as delegated by HOD / HOC / Director
11.     undertaking extension and liaison activities
12.     implementing models to enhance interaction with industry, community and society
13.     undertaking systems study and researches for consolidation and continual growth  of technical institutions
14.     developing models for total quality management and transferring then into institutions with research provision to study continued effectiveness
15.     developing and testing models for strategy design
16.     any other work assigned by the Director


Associate Professor shall be responsible and authorized for,
1.       designing, organizing and conducting programmes in the relevant field, especially in new, emerging, hi-tech and socially relevant areas
2.       conducting and guiding researches in the relevant field
3.       contributing to researches in relevant thrust area projects
4.       contributing and diffusing innovations in teaching, laboratory work and instructional materials, and undertaking researches to ascertain effectiveness of these
5.       leading educational and training consultancy projects and undertaking extension services
6.       undertaking Curriculum Development based on need survey
7.       developing resource materials of different types
8.       undertaking continuing education activities based on need analysis
9.       academic and administrative planning and development work at departmental level and assisting at institutional level
10.     counseling trainees
11.     enhancing interaction with industry and society
12.     performing any other work assigned by HOD / Director


Assistant Professor shall be responsible and authorized for;
1.       undertaking classroom and laboratory instruction, Curriculum Development, Learning Resource Development and Laboratory Development, student assessment and evaluation Including Examination work, Co-curricular and Extra Curricular Activities, Guidance and Counseling, Continuing Education and Self Development
2.       undertake R & D activities, projects, consultancy and promotion of Industry Institute Interaction
3.       assist in design and development of new programmes, project proposals, administration of Institutional facilities, monitoring and evaluation of academic activities and mobilization of resources
4.       participate in extension activities like interacting with industry, community  and society, entrepreneurship development and non-formal modes of training for the benefit  of community
5.       perform any other work assigned by Head of Department/Director


Administrative Officer shall be responsible and authorized for;
1.       managing the administrative office
2.       advising the Director  on all administrative matters
3.       dealing with court cases
4.       facilitate preparation of Annual Report
5.       arranging meetings of various committees and bodies including Board of Governors and societies etc
6.       implementing decisions of the higher authorities.
7.       dealing with administrative aspects of academic activities of the institute viz. admission, examination and correspondence with other agencies
8.       administration and supervision of security and care taking units
9.       introducing innovation in office practices
10.     any other work assigned by the Director

11.     ensuring correct administrative action within reasonable time frame

12.     assist the Director  in recruitment of faculty / staff and contract employees as per the rules


Stores and Purchase Officer shall be responsible and authorized for,
1.       the functioning of stores, purchase and disposition of written-off materials
2.       control of inventory
3.       proper  supervision and observance of proper rules and regulations
4.       physical verification of all the stores and stocks of the institute and its extension centres
5.       performing any other duty assigned by the Director


Accounts Officer shall be responsible and authorized for;
1.       advising the Director  on financial matters
2.       the correct accounting of all financial transactions
3.       framing of the budget estimates of the institute
4.       maintaining  GPF accounts, CPF accounts and Pension etc. in the institute
5.       proper audit of the accounts of the institute
6.       drawing and disbursing of all financial transactions as per powers delegated to him by the Board of Governors
7.       performing the duties as are assigned to him from time to time  by the Director
8.       account keeping and maintenance of appropriate records
9.       preparation of financial statement and audit reply

The scriptwriter is responsible and authorized for:
1.       Writing script of a video programme in association with experts.
2.       Carrying out research for content.
3.       Guiding helping producers to develop and write scripts.
4.       In case of scripts written by outside writer, check the content, form, style and craft of the script –suggest appropriating format.
5.       Conduct Script Writing workshops, in association with HOC & Production Manager.
6.       Work closely with the Producer to bring out quality programmes.
7.       Undertake any other work assigned by HOC or Director .

The Production Manager is responsible and authorized for:
1.       managing the overall video and film production in the institute,
2.       preparing a proposal for a video programme production in house or for an external client,
3.       suggesting qualitative changes in the script and putting before the validation committee for validation of the script,
4.       planning the production schedule and assigning it to producer,
5.       assigning a production team to the producer,
6.       over viewing the production process
7.       verifying the budget prepared by the producer and forwarding it to the HOC/Director  for approval,
8.       supervising the final editing/production work,
9.       working as liason between the producer and the funding agency,
10.     putting up the final production before the committee for validation,
11.     sending the produced programmes/copies to the funding agency in case of consultancy work or sent it to the marketing section for further dissemination.

1.       In case of 16 mm films he is responsible and authorized for entire shooting indoor/outdoor.
2.       Check the print in laboratory
3.       Carryout colour correction and certify technical quality.
4.       He is responsible for lightening and aesthetic quality.

5.       Carryout shooting indoor/outdoor.
6.       Lighting indoor/outdoor studio lighting
7.       Supervising shooting if carried out in house technician or outside cameraman.
8.       Studio layout and lighting.
9.       Check out technical quality of video signal.
10.       Technical alignment of video equipment gen. locking, timing and phasing.
11.       Ensure technical quality before any tape is sent for telecasting or client.


The librarians shall be responsible and authorized for:
1.       Providing library related services to faculty, staff, trainees and any authorized user.
2.       General administration of the library.
3.       Plan for developmental activities of the library.
4.       Procure books, periodicals and other learning resources such as Multi-media packages, videotapes, and CDs etc. following proper procedure.
5.       Cataloguing and indexing of all the LRs.
6.       Automation of services.
7.       Maintaining library facilities.
8.       Planning for digital library.
9.       Organize staff development courses for the librarians of the regional polytechnics.


1.       Ensure availability of machines and equipment in proper working condition.
2.       Guide the trainees in development and fabrication of instructional aids.
3.       Assist the faculty in development and fabrication of low cost instructional resources.
4.       Create and supervise an internal preventive maintenance system.
5.       Supervise and guide technical support staff in running, maintenance of equipment, Machinery and in processes of manufacturing /production.
6.       Make proposals for procurement of new equipment in accordance with the changing training needs.
7.       Assist faculty in educational and training consultancy projects.
8.       Assist in design and development of new programmes, administration of institutional facilities and mobilization of resources.
9.       Perform plan, design, and implement and evaluate training programmes.
10.    Any other work assigned by Head of department/ Director .

1.       Assist the faculty in conducting research on problems of technical education.
2.       Guide polytechnic teachers in their research activities with particular reference to technical education, community development .
3.       Undertake classroom and laboratory instruction, curriculum development,, learning resource development, laboratory development student assessment and   evaluation examination work.
4.       Assist faculty in educational and training consultancy projects.
5.       Plan , design ,implement and evaluate training programmes in new technology areas like CAS/CAM, CNC machines.
6.       Undertake continuing education activities based on need survey.
7.       Perform any other work assigned by Head of department/ Director .


1.       Continually assess the need to upgrade the existing setup and new IT related Infrastructure (including Local area Network, Intranet of NITTTR with other Institutions, On-line e-learning etc.) requirement of the Institute.
2.       Plan and develop technical proposals to fulfill IT infrastructure needs of the Institute.
3.       Assist in purchase, installation testing, and maintenance of Hardware and Software systems of IT setup.
4.       Plan and develop convergence setup and applications.
5.       Undertake feasibility studies, develop and implement computerized MIS and Data processing system in client/server and web enable mode for the institute and the client organization.
6.       Undertake turnkey computerization project and consultancies of Technical Education System, Industries and Field agencies.

7.       Standardize use of software packages and undertake training of Institutes employee on such packages.
8.       Assist in formulation and implementation of IT and security policy of organization.
9.       Manage e-learning infrastructure/set-up for offering on-line programme.
10.    Guide Teams of programmer/operators.
11.    Maintain application systems with help of programmer and  other staff.
12.    Ensure conformity of Govt. policies related to use of license software in the Institute.
13.    Assist the Institute and the client organization through the design and implementation of project MIS and financial MIS systems.
14.    Organize data collection, entry work for various types of computerized system.
15.    Perform function of Database Administration for large-scale application.
16.    Configure and Manage software systems for server side and client side of operation.
17.    Any other work assigned by Director /HOD/Incharge.

1.       Develop system design for MIS and data processing related system for institute and client organizations.
2.       Develop programs and other software for system development and implementation
3.       Using contemporary and latest programming systems and techniques.
4.       Maintain application system and software programmes, databases etc.
5.       Develop corporate presentations, system and program documentation of various types.
6.       Assist system analyst in various IT related professional activities.
7.       Carryout software testing installation and user training.
8.       Assist in maintenance of Hardware systems.
9.       Develop multimedia courseware
10.    Guide student in Laboratory sessions.
11.    Configure and install software package to facilitate teaching and learning.
12.    Organize and supervise data entry activity.
13.    Lay down system operation procedure and norms and guide client staff in operation of application systems.
14.    Assist in specification development and other purchase activity of IT related systems and software.
15.    Any other work assigned by Director /HOD/Incharge.

LINE OF SUCCESSION:  Unless otherwise ordered by the Director  following line of succession shall be followed:
In the event of absence of the :-
1.       Director  - Deans will be responsible.
2.       HOD in the department/centre -  the senior most faculty member of the department of  NITTTR, Bhopal present shall be responsible.
3.       Co-ordinator of a programme -  the senior most course faculty will be responsible.
4.       Project leader - the senior most faculty in the project team will be responsible.
5.       Administrative officer, SPO or Accounts Officer - the senior most Superintendent of the relevant section shall be responsible.