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Manual : III The Procedure followed in the Decision making Process including channels of supervisions and accountability.

The power of the  decision making authorities of the NITTTR, Bhopal, namely:  Board of Governors,  Academic Council,  Finance Committee are given in MOA.

The decision making process including channels of supervisions and accountability are governed by the following Documents:

Recruitement Rules
Quarter Allotment Rules
The quality policy,of NITTTTR, Bhopal. This include "Design , Development and Execution of Short-term, Long-term training programmes. Undertaking Research and Consultancy Projects and Production of Learning Resources for Technical Education system'
Fundamental Rules, TA Rules, LTC Rules, Medial Attendance  rules of Government of India amended from time to time are referred in decision making process of our Institute.
The details of above documents are available with NITTTR Public Information Officer.
The mission