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NITTTR, Bhopal has provided research support for formulation of policies in technical education at state and national levels. Some of the tasks of research are to study problems faced by the technical education system and provide solutions. The innovations are invariably research based, which are used for improving systems and methodology adopted by states. The research projects are undertaken in the areas of technical education by the faculty in collaboration with different agencies and organisations. A number of researches have been conducted during the last many years. In order to provide useful services to the clients, NITTTR, Bhopal has undertaken extensive research studies on the functional areas allied to client needs. The research activities are considered important not only for solving problems but also for development.

Researches are continuously conducted to support effective need assessment, planning, implementation, monitoring and review and evaluation of each one of the sub-components of the WBAP for Strengthening Technician Education as described earlier. Research Projects are also undertaken for developing, implementing and sustaining innovations within the NITTTR as well as in the technical education system. Research & Development activities are undertaken and promoted through Master of Technical Education (M. Tech. Ed.) & Ph.D. in Technical Education Programmes.


Developmental projects in different areas related to Quality Improvement and Efficiency Improvement continue to be the mainstay for creating impact and bringing about improvements in the system. These are undertaken at National, Regional, State and institute levels, involving industry in a big way. A large number of research and development studies have been undertaken during the year related to projects and programmes including studies exploring the impact of WBAP for Strengthening Technician Education.