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Name: Prof. Mrs. Chanchal Mehra
Date of Birth  02/12/1963
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Vocational Education Department

Qualifications: M.Tech-Engineering Materials, M.Tech. Ed



Brief CV

Qualification: BE Mechanical (73.8%), MTech ( Engineering Materials 78.8%), MTech Ed (A Grade)

Experience: 19 Years 7 Month as Teaching Faculty and 3 years as Research Assistant At NITTTR, Bhopal
Assistant Professor form Oct. 2003 till date
Senior Lecturer from Oct 2001 to Oct 2003
Scientific officer from Jan 1989 to Oct.2001
Research Assistant from Oct 1985 to Jan 1989
Significant contribution in following areas:
  • Teaching
  • Entrepreneurship development
  • Industry institute interaction
  • Curriculum Development
  • Learning Resource Development which includes both print and non-print
  • Multi-media Training Package Development
  • Training Need Analysis
  • Surveys for Designing Suitable Strategies for Technology Transfer
Interest Areas
Engineering Materials
Non Conventional Energy Sources
Entrepreneurship Development
Multi Media development
Curriculum Development
Student assessment
Teacher Training
Training of Trainers

Instructional Resource Development 1.        

Research Interests:
 Entrepreneurship Development
Technical Education and Vocational training
Wind Energy
Books and LRs:               


1.       Furniture and Cabinet Making- Course Contributor Chanchal Mehra, Published by National Open School , 1995

2.       Grassroot Level Training Module on Low Cost Sanitation (Constructional Aspect) Chanchal Mehra , S.C.Saxean  -in Hindi, Published by TTTI Bhopal , 1995.

3.       National Directory of Rural Technologies- Vol I to Vol VIII

Project Staff-SC Saxena, Padma Vasudevan, RG Chouksey, Chanchal Mehra, Published by Council for Advancement of People’s Action and Rural Technology (CAPART) N.Delhi. 1992

Volume I            Farm And Post Harvest Equipment.
Volume II          Soil and Water Management.
Volume III         Drinking Water.
Volume IV        Energy Systems.
Volume V         Village Industries and Artisans.
Volume VI        Housing And Sanitation.
Volume VI        Rural Transport and Communication.

Volume VIII      Technologies For Women.

 4. Curriculum Document

Team member for the development of following curriculum documents and equipment list.

1.      Competency Based Curriculum for ‘Operation and Maintenance of Air Brake System’.
2.      Competency based curriculum for vocational course on furniture making – level I to IV
3.      Qualification packaging rule for vocation cluster – furniture and wood products
4.      Training package for cluster – Furniture and wood products
5.      Competency Based Curriculum for ‘Carpentry and Cabinet Making’
6.      Curriculum for ‘Diploma in Mechanical Engineering’.
7.      Curriculum for ‘Diploma in Hotel Management and Catering Technology’.
8.      Curriculum for ‘Diploma in Travel and Tourism’.
9.      Curriculum in Computer Aided Drafting and Designing Course.
10.  Curriculum in Computer Aided Manufacturing Course.
11.  Identification of technical skills in foundry technician.
12.  Curriculum for ‘Multiskill mechanics’ for rural self-employment.
13.  Curriculum in Vocational Trades – for Nonformal Training through Community Polytechnics of Western Region.
14.  List of equipment in Mechanical Engineering.
15.  List of equipment for courses conducted by National Open School.

5. Multimedia Package

Kinematic Mechanism

6. Instructional material

Prepared Hand out, work book, work sheet, power point presentation in the area of:

Auto CAD, Pro E, industrial training of teachers and supporting staff, Curriculum development, Entrepreneurship development and networking, industry institute interaction, career guidance and counseling, job interview, managerial skills, laboratory management, lab manual design, assessment, vocational education and training, teaching – learning in technical education, equipment usage and laboratory management, teaching competency, tracer study

Prepare instructional material for the following M.Tech Ed Courses

  • Entrepreneurship development and networking
  • Industry based experiential learning project
  • Emerging trends in curriculum design and implementation


Reports/Discussion Papers: 

1.       Industrial training – A perspective
2.       Norms and standardards for trainer and staff of training organization registered under the scheme of TVET
3.       Equipment usage and management of laboratory
4.       Teaching – learning in technical education
5.       Engineering education and curriculum
6.       Student evaluation in laboratory
7.       Employment opportunities in technical field
8.       Preparing students for job interview
9.       Design of instructional resources
10.   Conceptual framework of vocational education and training
11.   Part modeling with pro e
12.   Job functions of technicians
13.   Procedure for setting new ITI
14.   Draft policy document on scheme of vocational education and training
15.   Conference proceedings and souvenir- wind energy trends and issues
16.   Report of regional seminar on finalization of norms and standards for national vocational Educational Qualification and Certification Frame work
17.   Future needs of non formal vocational education and training

Research Papers:

 i.           Development Of Multimedia Package On Operation And Maintenance Of Air Brake System For Indian Railways - A Case Study, G T Lalla, Chanchal Mehra, Journal of Korea Multi Media Society, Vol.6 No.4, July 2003,  P 668-675

 ii.        A Model for Developing Curriculum in Emerging Technology, SK Saxena,  Chanchal Mehra Indian Journal of Training and Development, Volume XXX, No.4, Oct-Dec. 2000  pp 24-32.
 iii.        Popularisation of Technology,  AK Jain, Chanchal Mehra, Journal of Rural Development, NIRD, Hyderabad, volume 17 (3) July-Sept. 1998 p 529-535.
 iv.        Sustainable Development of Rural Areas – Applying Innovation in Practice, Chanchal Mehra, Published on Internet,
 v.         lkeqnkf;d fodkl ;kstuk rFkk xzkeh.k vkS|ksfxd dj.k & vt; dqekjtSu ,oa papy esgjk & izdkf'kr m|ferk lekpkj i= ucacj 1997 ist
 vi.        Competency Based Training- A Case Study of Tata Engineering, KK Jain, Chanchal Mehra, Proceeding of ISTE National Convention on Human Resources Strategies for Sustainable Growth 6 -8 Dec 2002, Bhopal.
 vii.        Exploring Strategies for Effective Use of CADD Software,   KK Jain , Chanchal Mehra, Proceeding of National Seminar on Computer Aided Drafting and Designing in Industry, Education and Business at M.P.Christain College of Engineering and Technology, Bhilai – 27.11.2001 to 28.11.2001.
 viii.        Integrated Energy System for a Village, Chanchal Mehra, MK Srivastava, Proceeding of International Conference on Technical Education in 21st Century – Challenges and Strategies in Global Perspective, at MACT Bhopal -8.1.1998 to 10.1.1998.
 vi.        Rural Industrialisation: Role of Community Polytechnics – AK Jain, Chanchal Mehra, Proceedings of International Conference on Technical Education in 21st Century – Challenges and Strategies in Global Perspective, at MACT Bhopal 8.1.1998 to 10.1.1998.
vii.        Effective Vocational Education And Training Programme Through Flexible Approaches, Chanchal Mehra, R G Chouksey, Proceeding Of National Seminar On Vocational Education And Training Held At TTTI, Chandigarh, 5-7 Sep 2003,
 viii.        Trends In Wind Power Plants – A Panorama, Joshua Earnest, Susan S Mathew, Shashi Kant Gupta, Chanchal Mehra, Proceeding of International Conference - Wind Eenergy Trends and Issues at NITTTR, Bhopal from 5-7 January 2006

 ix.        Enterprising Opportunities In Wind Power Sector, Chanchal Mehra, Joshua Earnest, Proceeding of All India Seminar On Energy, Environment And Economics,   3-4 Nov.2007 at NIT, Rourkela 

Projects ( Title and Role):

            Projects for educational institutes

1.      National Vocational Educational Qualification and Certification Frame work – Deputy Coordinator
2.      MHRD-AICTE faculty Development Project- Faculty for summer school programmes
3.      MHRD-AICTE ITP Project – Team member for preparation of modules, modules editing and faculty for ITP
4.      Third Technician Education Project for North East States –
  • Curriculum review and revision for Diploma in Mechanical Engineering of Goa State – Team Member
  • Curriculum review and revision for Diploma in Mechanical Engineering of Nagaland State –   Team Member
  • Curriculum review and revision for Diploma in Hotel Management and Catering technology for state of Arunachal pradesh– Coordinator
  • Curriculum review and revision for Diploma in Travel & Tourism for state of Arunachal Pradesh – Team member
5.       Chattishgarh Curriculum Review and Revision Project for Diploma programme in Civil Engineering – Team Member
6.       Goa Curriculum Review and Revision Project for Diploma programme in Mechanical Engineering –Team member
7.      Madhya Pradesh  Curriculum Development Project for Diploma programme in Fabrication Technology – Team member (In progress)
8.      Maharashtra State Project on ‘Development of Question Bank’ – Trained resource person
9.      Nepal Project - Occupational Skill  Upgradation of Teachers – Faculty and team member
10.  Laboratory Management Project.- Team member for Development of modules
11.  Maharashtra State Laboratory Project on Effective utilization of Laboratory Equipment – Team member for preparation of TNA report & compendium of laboratory experiences in mechanical Engineering
12.  Continuing Education Project Gujarat State.- Team member for Course Material Development for Hard Core Courses – Engineering Mechanics 203 

Project for industries and field agencies:

1.       CAMtech Project on .Development of Multimedia Package on Operation and Maintenance of Air Brake System for Indian Railways – Coordinator for development of print material and faculty for TOT programmes
2.       Telco Project on Competency Based Training Programme for Telco Dealer Supervisor –.Team member for development of modules and conduction of programmes
3.       UNDP Assisted Project on Strengthening of State ATIs in India. – Team member for conducting Training Need Analysis of Employees of Government of Madhya Pradesh in Context of District Governance
4.       Cement HRD project- Co faculty for TOT programmes
5.       National Open School Project – Author for Self-Learning Material for Vocational Course on Furniture and Cabinet Making.
6.       Rajiv Gandhi Drinking Water Mission Project - Development of Learning Material for Grass-root level workers and conduction of surveys
7.       Rajiv Gandhi Drinking Water Mission Project - Validation Survey for not covered Habitation of Madhya Pradesh -  Team Member
8.       CAPART project on National Directory of Rural Technologies - Data collection, analysis and formatting of Rural Technologies for inclusion in directories
9.       All India Coordinating Project.on Water Health and Sanitation  involvement of Rural Woman –  Co investigator
10.   Community Polytechnic Scheme - Planing, guiding and monitoring activities under the scheme

Research Studies:

1.       Training need analysis of employees of Government of Madhya Pradesh In Context of District Governance
2.       Training need analysis for effective laboratory utilization of maharashtra state
3.       Curriculum analysis of Diploma Proramme in Mechanical Engineering for goa state
4.       Curriculum analysis of Diploma Proramme in Hotel Management and catering technology for state of Arunachal pradesh
5.       Curriculum analysis of Diploma Proramme in Fabrication Technology for Madhya Pradesh state
6.       Survey on water healt and sanitation needs of rural women of  Amoni village
7.       Production of bio-gas from mixture of water hyacinth  and cow dung-An alternative feed material for biogas  production (M.Tech dissertation)

Designing an integrated self-sustaining energy system for a village (M.Tech Ed Dissertation).

International Collaborations:

Worked as faculty for Ethiopian teachers training programme.

TTTI-West Virgina Collaboration for setting up energy park-Team Member

International Visits:

Attended Sub regional Course on Entrepreneurship Training for Community Based Development through TVET, at Dhaka, Bangla desh from 20.10.1997 to 31.10.1997

Ph.D. Guided  

Masters Level Thesis Guided

Industry based Project On Modification in existing workstation of bogie shop to enhance safety and productivity at coach rehabilitation workshop Nishatpura Bhopal – By M.Tech Ed Student