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Computer Centre

Computer Centre The Computing Centre came into existence in early 1980’s, which was setup under the multilaterally funded UNDP project, and had distinction of having state of the art computing infrastructure, which not only served the purpose of the project but also introduced computing courses in the technical institutions in western region of the country. During the same period interaction with industry was initiated when transformer design division of BHEL, Bhopal got involved in development of engineering designs and drafting with the help of the department. Currently the computer centre is part of Computer Science and Engineering Education department.

  • Computer Centre is equipped with 2 no. RS3 rack servers and 2 no. RS2 rack servers. It is connected on Fiber optic cable backbone-based network, and is serving various Intranet based & web based applications and programmes. NPTEL Instructional Video programmes are also provided. The network is spread out campus-wide.
  • The computer centre has computer systems connected on LAN, and having access to Laser & inkjet printers, and scanners.
  • 24 hrs. Internet service with 100 Mbps speed through National Knowledge Network (NKN) project of Government of India, is provided.
  • The network is spanning the entire campus including academic buildings, guest houses, student hostels and residences. This gigabit network infrastructure comprises of layer -3 and layer-2 high performance switches. This network is based on fiber optics backbone which is currently supporting about 600 nodes and has a capacity to support about 1200 nodes. All the computer systems can be used for data exchange, hardware resource sharing and for internet connectivity. Journals subscribed through INDEST consortium are available throughout the campus-wide LAN. It also serves NPTEL video and web-based lessons on the network. The internet connectivity is available on 24X7 basis. Currently Internet facility is provided with 1000 Mbps speed through National Knowledge Network (NKN) project of Government of India. The Institute’s network management system and data centre are in computer centre. These are kept alive round the clock.

Campus-wide network layout