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Curriculum Development

Curriculum renewal in respect of existing programmes is a continual process, and development of curricula for programmes on diversified and new technologies to be offered in future, is vital to quality improvement. NITTTR, Bhopal has been rendering project assistance in identifying needs, determining manpower and occupational profiles and detailing programme structures, curricula and delivery systems. Other components requiring NITTTR assistance are introduction of flexibility, modernising laboratories, needs assessment and curriculum development for continuing education of working personnel in industry, testing and examinations and development of added capability for utilising greater autonomy. Under the World Bank Assisted Project, the major task was providing assistance in establishing Curriculum Development Centres (CDCs) in the states, which would include development of professionals for manning these centres. Now, the state CDCs are fully operational, the curriculum development work for conventional disciplines is being carried out by them with inputs from NITTTR, Bhopal faculty as and when required.. Developing new and diversified technology programme curricula, is the joint responsibility of NITTTR Bhopal and state CDCs. It is felt that the development of new curricula has to deal with many aspects other than simple prescription of course content for the technical institutions. The Curriculum Development Centre of NITTTR, Bhopal has taken into consideration, the acquisition of skills/competencies by a new entrant required for his/her future career. Many factors such as use of available indigenous resources, acceptability by industry and socio-economic considerations have been taken into account.

New approaches of curriculum design & development are being evolved with respect to labour market orientation. Demand driven Curricula using Competency and Skill Based Approach are being developed and tried out for the first time in technician education, particularly in Autonomous Polytechnics of Maharashtra and in the state of Gujarat respectively. NITTTR, Bhopal has continued to provide its expert services in designing, developing and implementing such innovative approaches. Recently there is a demand for curriculum design and development for Engineering Programme at diploma, post diploma and degree level from different states, technical universities and engineering colleges.

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