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The Department has made significant contributions by organizing diversified activities, programmes and projects in the area of development, training, and dissemination of information, co-ordination, research and evaluation in Management Education. The Department/Centre has brought out several publications, which include competency based curricula, text-books and practical manuals for vocational courses module, guidelines document and video films. It has conducted Teacher Training Programmes and Orientation Programmes for key functionaries and administrators concerned with education. Need based training & development programmes are designed & offered for technical teachers, personnel of industries and field agencies and for foreign participants under ITEC (Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation) scheme of MEA, GOI.


The programmes are offered in wide variety of areas such as domain specific content updating & enrichment, interdisciplinary areas, induction training programmes, core teaching skills, education technology, institutional development & management, researches in technical and professional education, emerging instructional systems, instructional materials development etc. Department of Management Education has been majorly contributing for teachers training since inception. Glimpses of last ten years are as follow:

Summary of Training Programmes Conducted and number of trainees trained

Year Induction Pedagogy Related Management Total
2011-2012 11 09 14 34
2012-2013 12 07 13 32
2013-2014 15 08 15 38
2014-2015 12 04 14 31
2015-2016 13 06 14 33
2016-2017 13 07 15 35
2017-2018 12 06 14 32
2018-2019 14 07 13 34
2019-2020 12 05 14 31
2020-2021 14 05 04 23
Total 323

With the increased globalization of programme purpose, rapidly developing communication technologies, and increased utilization of international labor forces, department proposes international training under TCS / ITEC(Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation) scheme of MEA, GOI and got following in recent past:

Sl. No. Course Name Course Name Place Coordinator No. of International Participants
1 Developing Transition Pathways for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation 14 - 25 Oct., 2019 (02 weeks) NITTTR, Bhopal Dr. Aashish Deshpande 16 (From 11 countries)
2 Managerial Skills for Academicians and Administrators 09-20 Dec., 2019 (02 weeks) NITTTR, Bhopal Dr. Roli Pradhan 54 (From 35 countries*)
3 Managerial Skills for Technical Teachers and Administrators 10-21 Dec., 2018 (02 weeks) NITTTR, Bhopal Dr. Roli Pradhan 19 (From 11 countries)
4 Managerial Skills for Technical Teachers and Administrators 10-21 Dec., 2018(02 weeks) NITTTR, Bhopal Dr. R. B. Shivagunde 02
5 Quality Management System 07- 18 Nov., 2016(02 weeks) NITTTR, Bhopal Dr. B. L. Gupta 05
6 Climate change, Scenario Development for Policy Analysis 23-Jan to 03-Feb-2017(02 weeks) NITTTR, Bhopal Dr. Aashish Deshpande 06
7 Climate change, Scenario Development for Policy Analysis 07- 18-Dec 2015(02 weeks) NITTTR, Bhopal Dr. Aashish Deshpande 02
7 Quality Management Systems 09- 20-Nov-2015 (02 weeks) NITTTR, Bhopal Dr. B. L. Gupta 02

* Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Bosnia – Herzegovina, Botswana, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Indonesia, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Malawi, Malaysia, Maldives, Morocco, Namibia, Nigeria, Palestine, Panama, Paraguay, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Suriname, Syria, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe.


The Department of Management Education is a result of the evolutionary process of growth of an idea floated four decade back. What was then a seed, gradually came to life and in 2011, NITTTR Bhopal started MBA programme. Department offers masters’ level educational programmes (MBA) and doctoral research (PhD) through BU, Bhopal. The commitment is management of quality of technical education through customized needs based Management Development Programmes (MDP) designed for educational institutions, government/ field agencies and industry. MBA programme was launched in 2011 in order to reflect upon the needs of today’s global businesses to enable the students to confront positively, the upcoming challenges of corporate world through constantly upgrading the competitive advantage. It strives for creating the class which is competent, skilled and resilient enough to achieve all round excellence in the corporate world.

Ph.D. Awarded and Pursuing - 13 students have been awarded PhD nearly 15 students are pursuing their PhD in a wide range of areas in Management Education under experienced Departmental Faculty.

PG Alma Connect- The Department responds to a felt need of the Indian Industry and started first batch of MBA programmes in 2011. Department has small but active Alumni base working in diversified areas of Management. Students have been awarded Master of Business Administration maintaining a lively and dynamic interaction with the Department.

  • Innovate Developed and Coordinated Curriculum of Master of technical education Programme for following courses:
    • Education Management
    • Organizational Behaviour
    • Change Management
    • Educational Resource Management
  • Curriculum Development for State of Chhattisgarh
  • Contributed for development of SAARC Country One Year Diploma Programme on Youth Development by British Council on modules curriculum
  • Status study of Autonomy in Project Polytechnics of Nagaland (3 Studies in polytechnics) - 3 Nos. (2004)
  • Training Needs Analysis of Nagaland (3 studies two for polytechnic and one for SPIU)- 3 Nos (2001)
  • Internal Revenue Generation Practices in Polytechnics of Maharashtra State (2000)
  • Training Needs Analysis of Tanning Industry of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka (1998)
  • Utilization of Resources by Project states (4 for polytechnics and 2 for states of Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh) - 6 Nos. (2005)
  • Study of dropout rate in Gujarat state in distance education project (2006)
  • Training Needs Analysis of Engineering Colleges of Chhattisgarh (3 engineering Colleges) - 3 Nos. (2010)
  • Training Needs Analysis of Engineering Colleges of Chhattisgarh (3 engineering Colleges) - 3 Nos. (2010)
  • Training Needs Analysis of Engineering Colleges of Chhattisgarh (3 engineering Colleges) - 3 Nos. (2010)
  • Comparison of Performance of distance learners and regular students (1998)

Learning and development commonly referred to as training and development is critical part of any Institutional Development. The goal of Learning and development is to align students learning goals and performance with that of the organizations. Teachers responsible for learning & development within students must identify skill gaps then develop and deliver material to bridge those gaps.

Department of Management Education faculty has been contributing substantially in this direction. A major objective of this resource is to provide a technical basis for assessing, acquiring, adapting, developing, producing and distributing quality learning and teaching resource materials for students and instructional support materials for teachers in Management and Educational Areas. 18 learning modules on various aspect of Management developed in past years (List attached at annexure-I).

Classification of Learning Modules

Sl. No. Areas Number
1 Leadership 05
2 Quality Improvement 09
3 Creativity & Innovations 02
4 Creativity & Innovations 04

Department of has been actively contributing in developing video lecture for SWAYAM MOOCs courses and National Resource Centre on Assessment & Evaluation located at NITTTR, Bhopal. So far departmental faculty had developed more than 185 video lecturers for above. (List attached at annexure-II).

Classification of Video Lecturers

Sl. No. Areas Number
1 Accreditation 136
2 Advance Instructional Methods 41
3 Performance Appraisal 07
4 NBA 04

Evolving design, development and implementation of any teaching learning innovations system needs critical contributor to the successful implementation of the any Educational Sector Reform. Departmental faculty has actively contributed for this. Details of few are as following:

Major Consultancy Proposals / Project DPRs Prepared

  • “Detailed Project Report for Establishing a New Polytechnic in Arunachal Pradesh”, (1999)
  • TNA and SWOT of Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh and Chhattisgarh (2000 & 2009).
  • Grant and Implementation of Autonomy in the state of Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh (2006).
  • “DPR for establishing Women Polytechnic in Tripura”, (2003)
  • Scheme for up gradation of Existing polytechnics in SFDs, Base Document (2005)
  • Scheme for starting new polytechnics in SFDs
  • Concept paper of opening an extension center at Sidhi District (2005) “Vision 2010- NITTTR Bhopal”, NITTTR Bhopal (2004)
  • “Vision reach strategies – NITTTR Bhopal”, NITTTR Bhopal (2005)
  • “Restructuring NITTTR Bhopal”, NITTTR Bhopal (2005)
  • Detailed Project Report for Establishing a Women Polytechnic in Tripura”, (1999)
  • Concept document to implement Skill Development Initiative of Govt. of India at NITTTRs (2010)
  • ‘NITTTR Bhopal: A Brief Profile’, (2006)
  • ‘TOR-wise report of NITTTR Bhopal’, (2006)
  • ‘TOR-wise report of NITTTR Bhopal’, (2006)
  • ‘NITTTR Bhopal: Programme of Action’(2006)
  • National Vision of NITTTRs (2004)
  • Vision Reach Strategies for NITTTRs( 2005) and National Action Plan for NITTTRs, (2006)
  • “EFC memo of TTTIs), (1997)

Research and development activities are the lifeline of a vibrant academic institution. Department of Management Education faculty plays a vital role in NITTTR Bhopal’s intellectual output by providing research and consultancies to clients. Department goal is to create an environment in which responsible research can thrive. Department encourage to produce credible and reliable knowledge which can be used to address, either directly or indirectly, problems of importance to both Management Education and society. Departmental faculty research and conference papers have been focusing on issues that allows for actionable knowledge. In last few decades departmental faculty have published more than 100 research and conference papers in impactful journals (List attached at annexure-III). Sometimes excellent research contributions are best served by being published in niche journals and given our multi-disciplinary foundations; thus it provokes further reading, sharing, discussion, experimentation, and use in practice, aiming ultimately to transform education and society. Department of Management Education has an authentic and deep-lived conviction that is it the intellectual curiosity and intrinsic motivation of book writers that drive scientific progress. The people make the place. Department try to create an environment that supports book writers’ intrinsic motivation, but also provides them with a sense of direction and progress. Our senior colleagues shape the climate of the department by setting examples. Nearly 30 books and 50 contributed chapters have been written by departmental faculty on wide range of topics (List attached at annexure-IV).

Classifications of Book Titles

Sl. No. Area Number
1 Governance 02
2 Teaching Learning and Assessment 15
3 Entrepreneurship 02
4 Rural Development 03
5 Project Management 06

Major Innovations by the Department

Department plays an important role in the innovation ecosystem of NITTTR. The Department catalyzes the transformative growth of basic and applied management & educational research, and the discovery & development of new use of technologies and prioritizes educational innovation as a cornerstone of institutional growth. Few are mentioned below:

  • Incorporated Project Management Framework and Total Quality Management in Education Management
  • Devised models of Strategic Planning in Technical Education for Institutional development
  • Organized Leadership Development Programmes
  • Provided Consultancies for Quality Circles and TQM Project in Educational Institutions
  • Institutional Performance Study for Effective Utilization of equipments & advise on Marketing Strategies for IRG
  • TQM & QC Project under World Bank Assisted Project for 7 States

NITTTR, Bhopal facilitates the acquisition of grants from extramural sources by providing a structured mechanism for submitting research proposals and their implementation after sanction through well-defined guidelines for Sponsored Research Projects since last four decades. NITTTR Bhopal has also structured consultancy policy and a centralized mechanism to regulate consultancy offers in the capacity of both individual and the organization. Department of Management Education has been leader in doing sponsored research and consultancy in last five decades (List attached at annexure-V).


Business Connect is a term coined by Department for services provided to industry and external organizations by faculty by including outside specialist and multicultural service providers. Few past assignment fall in Business Connect are mentioned below:

  • Management Development Programmes for BHEL Bhopal, Sun-flag Iron and Steel
  • Management Development Programmes for the Department of Forests- Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra
  • Consultancy to Nippon Denro Ltd., Caparo Ltd, HEG Ltd, Tata International Ltd, L&T Ltd, CII, FICCCI by providing Training Programmes.