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The Department of Media Research and Development Education (DMRDE),from its very inception, is actively engaged in production of learning resources for technical and higher education as well as in conducting training programmes for technical teachers and various stake holders.The department is activelyengaged in conducting and guiding researches in the areas of educational media, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in teaching-learningand technical education.The resources developed till date include celluloid film-based media to latest digital media. Currently the department develops customised learning resources such as MOOCs video programmes, computer-based presentations, e-content, 2D/3D animations, spoken tutorials, graphical resources. The department is actively involved in establishing online platforms to offer institutional online courses and massive open online courses for teachers. Along with offering induction training programmes, the department is conducting short term training programmes in specialized areas such as media production, media research, animation, econtent, Open Educational Resources (OER) for in-country and participants from ITEC partner countries. The faculty members of the department havecoordinated and offered courses in Mastersof Technical Education and Master’s in Computer Technology and Applications. Research and Development (R&D) is a focus area of the department, specially guiding master level dissertations, projects and guiding the research scholars for Ph.D. degree. Presently faculty members are engaged in institutional and externally sponsored research projects.

Keeping in view the contributions made by the department and its core strengths, the department envisages to offer Ph. D. programme, PG programme entitled “Master of Technology in Education Technology” and PG Diploma programme in Digital Media.


Achieve excellence through research and developmental activities in the Department of Media Research and Development Education (DMRDE) for creating state-of-the-art educational mediaand innovative learning models for bringing qualitative changes in the technical education system.


  • Promote research in the area of educational technology in general and digital media, educational data mining, learning analyticsin particular for qualitative changes in technical education and training.
  • Conduct demand driven long term and short-term education and training programmes through various modes.
  • Develop instructional media and facilitate integration of relevant ICT in teaching and learning.
  • Provide professional support in development of learning resources to the technical education system.
  • Extend professional services and consultancy toindustries and stake holders.
  • Network with other centres of excellence, community and society to enhance outreach and quality.


  • Conduct and guide Research and Development (R&D) in the area of Education Technology to improve the quality of teaching and learning
  • Conduct short termprogrammes and workshops in the areas related to education technologyin contactand online mode.
    • Short term in the areas of Learning Management System (LMS), Small Private Online Course (SPOC), Massive Open online Course (MOOC), Open Educational Resources, Learning resources development, IPR etc.
  • Offer long-term PG and PG Diploma and certificate programmes in specialized areas of education technology for the teachers of higher education, educators and specialists
  • Develop a variety of instructional media using state-of-art technologies for the technical education system.
  • Create innovative technology enabled learning systems to bring about qualitative changes in technical educationand training systems.
  • Provide professional services to the community and society in particular technical education systems through skill development and media production.
  • Extend professional services to industries and stake holders for consultancy projects.
  • Collaborate with centres of excellence in media research and development for capacity building.


The department is a team of education technologists and creative technical manpower to deliver innovative and customized designs of teaching learning systems and resources. The department has-

1. Competent faculty members in-

  • conducting research in the areas of
  • educational technology, educational media,
  • learner behavior, Technology Based Learning, Instructional delivery, aspects of curriculum implementation.
  • Producing Multilingual studio based and field-based video programmes in different formats

2. State of art video production set up

3. Creative, multi-skilled media professionals having excellent working skills