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Curriculum development and Assessment Education

During ''70s and ''80s one of the major initiatives in TTTI Bhopal was establishment of Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) under Q.I.P. Scheme of Govt. of India. Curriculum Development is one of the major thrust areas of technical Education system. The department of Curriculum development and Assessment Education (DCDAE) is formed with the merging of Curriculum Development Centre and Centre for Measurement and Evaluation including National Testing Services.

The department is responsible for reforms in curriculum and assessment as per contemporary needs of stakeholders, Industry and society at large by undertaking sponsored and consultancy projects at state and national level.


To be a dynamic department of excellence for reforms, research and innovative approaches in respect of “Curriculum development and Assessment Education” covering multidisciplinary areas with focus on Technical Education.


  • Develop policies that establish guidelines and procedures to facilitate the design and delivery of needs based multidisciplinary curriculum and students’ assessment practices.
  • Support the client states, universities, boards and institutions in establishing and strengthening “curriculum monitoring and assessment systems and also design and development of curriculum” for ensuring quality in academic transactions and effect necessary changes in the institutions.
  • Support and collaborate with the initiatives of apex bodies like MOE, AICTE, NBA etc. for quality assurance appropriate interventions of curriculum development and evaluation.
  • Intensify curriculum and assessment related research in order to bring about appropriate and relevant reforms in multidisciplinary programmes including Technical Education & Training Systems.
  • Develop and disseminate Curriculum and assessment based Learning Resources (LRs)


  • Design and experiment responsive models/approaches of curriculum and evaluation system to suit to the emerging needs of the country in technical education making it learner centered, flexible, modular, credit based with multipoint entry & exit features with multidisciplinary focus.
  • Evolve research-based model/approach of multidisciplinary curriculum and assessment system designs as per contemporary needs of the society and user system.
  • Establish high quality standards of multidisciplinary curriculum aligned to international accord, norms and criteria as per accreditations requirements.
  • Provide professional development opportunities through short term and long-term programmes with focus on multidisciplinary curriculum design and delivery as per stakeholders expectations.
  • Extend support and consultancy services proactively to the technology Universities and institutions such as governmental, autonomous, and private in the development, revision, modification, update of curriculum and assessment systems.
  • Conduct research, snap studies, tracer studies, impact studies, stakeholder conference, search conferences etc. in order to ensure & support effective curriculum implementation and students assessment.
  • Initiate and provide necessary academic support to MOE, AICTE, NBA, State Technical Education Systems on Curriculum review, needs assessment & students assessment reforms.
  • Develop and document appropriately curriculum and assessment related resources /monographs/guidelines/manuals/video programmes etc.
  • Develop learning and assessment resources including MOOCs on various aspects of Curriculum and Students assessment.
  • Accomplish the aims and objectives of National Resource Centre (NRC) established at the institute.
  • Organise national and international conferences in the area of curriculum and assessment to share innovative practices for the benefits of stakeholders.


Curriculum development and Assessment Education is one of the major thrust areas of the institute since its inception, and is the unique capability and competence of the faculty members of the department. Most of the faculty members of the Institute and of the department have the know-how and competence and experience in working with curriculum projects.

  • Faculty with proficient & versatile experience in the curriculum and Assessment
  • Expertise in curricular and assessment innovations and reforms
  • Network of teachers’ and experts of engineering and technology domain areas within the institute and outside.
  • Credible record of projects completion of “Curriculum review & redesign” applying need based appropriate models to the satisfaction of clients with reasonable IRG.
  • Collaboration with Academia –Industry, and industry association to organize curriculum based search conferences and consultations.
  • Competence for evolving comprehensive policies at national level for assessment and technical teachers training.
  • Capacity and capability of developing human resources at various levels in design, development & implementation of Curriculum and Assessment
  • Professionalism
  • Commitment and dedication
  • Team work
  • Participative approach