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The Department of Computer Science and Engineering Education is one of the core engineering education department of the institute. It came into existence in early 1980’s as a Computing Centre, which was setup under the Multilaterally funded UNDP project, and had distinction of having state of the art computing infrastructure, which not only served the purpose of the project but also introduced computing courses in the technical institutions in western region of the country. During the same period interaction with industry was initiated when transformer design division of BHEL, Bhopal got involved in development of engineering designs and drafting with the help of the department. The innovative approaches which were initiated at the time of inception still continue to evolve in newer forms, magnitude and dimensions with even greater thrust and vigour.

Major activities of the Department:

  • Conducting short term training programmes for the faculty and staff of Engineering colleges and Polytechnics.
  • Conducting need based customized training programmes for Industry and Field agencies.
  • Involvement in various World Bank Assisted Projects on strengthening Technical Education system of the country.
  • Involvement in Master Programme (M.Tech. in Computer Technology & Applications)
  • Involvement in course work of Ph.D. programme in Computer Science and Engineering & Applications.
  • Involvement in research, development and publishing research papers.
  • Developing software and MIS for Institute need.
  • Training of Internal Faculty and staff of the institute to use IT tools and Applications effectively.
  • Developing Curriculum for various universities and Technical Boards of states
  • Developing Instructional and Learning resources.
  • Developing computer-based multimedia training Packages.
  • Guidance to Ph.D. Scholars.
  • Looking after the maintenance and administration of computer network spanning the entire campus


Be an acknowledged centre of excellence in the area of Computer Science and Engineering Education, Research and Training, development and dissemination of application systems and software.


The department commits itself to accomplish following missions:

  • Offer demand based long term and short-term education and training programs through various modes.
  • Undertake researches in emerging & interdisciplinary areas of CSE, education & training, addressing contemporary academic, industrial/ professional, & societal issues.
  • Undertake Outcome Based Curriculum Development in emerging areas of Computer Science & Engineering/IT.
  • Develop and disseminate application systems, software & LRs for the client systems and the Institute.
  • Network with industries, national and international institutions, R & D, community & service organisations for synergic partnership.


Department objectives are to:

  • Offer demand based short term training courses to faculty of engineering institutions and international participants in contact, blended and online modes
  • Design long term programmes using innovative curriculum design approaches and active involvement of stakeholders
  • Offer Certificate, UG, PG programmes in Computer Science and Engineering in contact and blended mode
  • Design, develop and execute short and long term programmes involving industry, professionals, and other premier institutes
  • Undertake researches in pedagogy, technology in teaching-learning, and content areas of Computer Science & Engineering, and engineering educationlike learning data analytics using bigdata and AI
  • Develop variety of LRs, online courses and MOOCs based programmes
  • Undertake researches in implementation issues of LRs, methods & usage, innovation effectiveness and attitudinal studies
  • Adopt multidisciplinary approach to design, teaching-learning strategies, and problem solving related to pedagogy, technology and content courses keeping society connect in view
  • Develop application systems and software for variety of application domains related to engineering education
  • Network with stake holders and user systems viz. technological universities, Boards of Technical Education, DTEs of various states in the country
  • Undertake funded and sponsored researches and consultancies
  • Publish monographs, articles, white-papers and research reports related engineering education reforms, innovations, TEL led pedagogy, technology and emerging content
  • Undertake systemic research on the technical education system to develop relevance in training.
  • Perform action research for innovations and interventions related to technical education and institutional development.
  • Evolve strategies for intensifying multi-media package design using AR, VR and MR components andline up production in partnership with other departments/ Centres.
  • Design and market or disseminate learning resources, &e-content and other software.
  • Train technical teachers from abroad, more particularly ASEAN and SAARC countries.
  • Collaborate with community development agencies and industry for furthering continuing education and vocational education.


The following are the core strengths of the department

  • Rich experience of working on national, multilaterally funded projects.
  • Strong foundation of pedagogy & technology for teaching-learning, contact mode and online education & training
  • Competence to train and prepare client institutes for NBA Accreditation process
  • Supportive and motivated faculty and staff
  • Progressive outlook
  • Flexible and task-based working
Department’s Values
  • Punctuality
  • Team work
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Work focus