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  • Contributions of eminent personnel from field of education, industry and media are received during design and development of IRs. IRs are validated by eminent persons from field of education technology, Industry, Media and target group audience.
  • Each video programme is available on a high quality DVD format. A sample of our programmes is provided here.
  • Our instructional Resources (IRs) have been given a certification of proprietary item by National Project Implementation Unit, New Delhi vide their letter No. 7845 dated 15.03. 96 for initiating the direct purchase of our IRs by the polytechnics. (Copy given in catalogue).
  • Many of the Video Programmes have been sent on UGC's countrywide Classroom Project and Gyandarshan channel for telecast.
  • Our Video Programmes have got a heavy demand from vocational and technical institutions such as Polytechnics, Engineering Colleges, and Industries involved under HRD activities, etc.
  • The Department of Electronic Media (DEM) is equipped with latest equipment and Broadcast Grade studio for video Production. We also develop tailor-made video programmes for our stakeholders on chargeable basis on their demand. The Indian Railways, Cement Manufacturing Association, Board of Apprenticeship Training, School of Good Governance and Policy Analysis, Govt. of M.P., Election Commission, M.P., are some of our clients.

Current Project: Development of video Programmes for HEG Limited, Mandideep, (M.P.)

If, you have any demand/ suggestion for development of new video programme, kindly send an e-mail to: director@nitttrbpl.ac.in, dem@nitttrbpl.ac.in

Click here for our catalogue of programmes,