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Department of Applied Sciences Education

The Department of Applied Science Education is in existence since 1965 in the Institute. The Department is recognized for many significant contributions in training and research. With an orientation of interdisciplinary learning, the department promotes practical aspects of Applied Sciences and offers a variety of training programmes in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Science education with practical applications in engineering and technology. The main focus of the research activities in applied sciences are in the area of theoretical and experimental including Atmospheric Physics, Free Electron Laser, applications of the Fixed point theory and Computational Chemistry.

The department has contributed in various curriculum revision projects of Gujarat, Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra states in the areas of Physics, Chemistry , Mathematics, Chemical, Ceramic and Plastic engineering. The department of Applied Science education has conducted number of workshops, seminars, and conferences in the area of science and engineering for teachers of technical education.


To develop department of applied science education as a center of excellence to promote innovations, research & development, and applied science education based training to impart new knowledge for applied science and engineering applications.


  • Launch demand based long term and short-term applied science education and training programs.
  • Undertake curriculum development in emerging areas of applied science at discipline /course /topic levels to bring about need based and qualitative change in applied science focused to engineering applications.
  • Develop need based specific innovative instructional resources for effective teaching and training in applied science education
  • Undertake research in the area of applied sciences, engineering education and training.
  • Enhance international outreach through various linkages with other organizations and agencies.


  • Conduct need based short term training programs in basic and interdisciplinary areas on content updating and methodologies of applied science teaching.
  • Initiate long term PG programs in interdisciplinary areas of applied science.
  • Develop Outcome based curriculum of applied sciences to present science as an integral part of engineering and technology applications.
  • Develop training resources like textbooks, workbooks, lab manuals, video films etc.
  • Promote research and development and foster scientific temper.
  • Translate scientific innovations into engineering and technological applications.
  • Develop need based mathematical training programs to enhance analytical and critical thinking for engineering applications.
  • Develop linkages with other organizations and agencies for consultancy.


  • Competence of integrating course knowledge dimension infusing with curriculum of diploma and degree engineering programs
  • Actively involved in research areas in Applied Sciences and Science education
  • Develop instructional/learning resources in the area of applied science, Science Education, interdisciplinary areas of science and engineering.
  • Competence to design and develop low-cost laboratory/virtual experiments
  • Integrate mathematics for various engineering applications
  • Use ICT based methods for teaching learning
  • Use various OERs and simulation tools for teaching learning
  • Supportive and motivated Faculty and staff