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In recent times Government of India with the vision of Aatmanirbhar Bharat and positioning India as the global hub for Electronics System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM), a comprehensive program for the development of semiconductors and display manufacturing ecosystem in India was approved by the Government of India. Setting up Semiconductor ATMP / OSAT Units are one of the thrust areas in the modified programme for the development of Semiconductors and Display manufacturing ecosystem in India. GoI shall extend fiscal support of 50% of capital expenditure on the pari-passu basis to applicants who are found eligible and have the technology to execute such projects. At least 20 such units of Compound Semiconductors and Semiconductor Packaging are expected to be established with Government support under this scheme. Various state government including the Government of Madhya Pradesh has also made task force to partner with this mission of GoI. Government of Madhya Pradesh has also taken a visionary decision to make Bhopal as an electronics manufacturing hub/cluster and to realize it, has initiated a mission to attract semiconductor industries who can set up units for Assembly, Testing and Marking/Packaging (ATMP) in Bhopal..

The current curriculum in Science Technology education in India lacks skilling components for such mainstream technological areas in general but it’s a real challenge providing skilled manpower for semiconductor manufacturing industry. None of our institutions including premium national educational institutions are prepared for providing industry ready skilled diploma holders/ graduates (Science/Engg.) in general and more specifically to semiconductor fabrication, assembly, and testing. This deficiency in the present curriculum, lack of training and skill to teachers/instructor themselves together with lack of local equipment and raw material resourcing has created an emergency like situation preparing the need for good skilled manpower for this industry. Except IT industry, all other mainstream engineering industries are facing shortage of such skills locally but in case of the Semiconductors and Display manufacturing ecosystem in India situation is grave even with trainers themselves.

Therefore institutions like NITTTR Bhopal, whose primary mandate is to support curriculum , pedagogy and technical teacher skilling as per need of hours need to align itself partnering Government of India and M.P.State Government in its semiconductors and display manufacturing efforts by establishing a Skilling center on OSAT/ATMP technology for technical education institution teachers training as well as internship or short term training courses to skill diploma holders and graduates in Science and Engineering on NITTTR campus itself. Even it can be mandated to start few specialized integrated courses aiming to skilling manpower for electronics and semiconductor manufacturing industries particularly fabless semiconductor industry involved in Assembly, Testing, Marking, and Packaging (ATMP) or OSAT at Bhopal

Coordinator: Prof. C S Rajeshwari,

Prof I/c, COE for OSAT/ATMP, NITTTR, Bhopal (MP),

Email: csrajeshwari@nitttrbpl.ac.in

Mob. No. 93400-68700 Tel No. (0755)- 2661600-02