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Teaching Learning Centre (TLC)

The Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya National Mission on Teachers and Teaching (PMMMNMTT) is a Central Sector Scheme with All- India coverage that was launched in 2014-15 during XII Plan. The Mission is envisaged to address comprehensively all issues related to teachers, teaching, teacher preparation and professional development. The MHRD now known as MoE approved the Teaching Learning Centre (TLC) in Vocational Education Training & Entrepreneurship Development to be established under PMMMNMTT at NITTTR, Bhopal in January 2018 with funding of Rs. 1.80 Crore non recurring and 1.10 Crore Recurring per year for 03 years (2017-2020).

Objectives of TLC

  • Conduct Training of Trainers (TOT) programmes to develop master Trainers to organize teacher training in respective states
  • Conduct Researches on existing policies, implementation of GOI initiatives with reference to Technical, vocational education and training
  • Develop Learning Resources for working professionals, teachers and students for up scaling their skills and knowledge base
  • Promote vocationalisation of higher education in polytechnics and Engineering Institutions through capacity building and training
  • Organise National Meet, seminar and conferences of Stakeholders and key functionaries
  • Establish innovative laboratories for Teaching Learning in emerging areas
  • Improve quality of teaching and empower teachers and faculty through induction training programmes for UG/PG Colleges /engineering college/ vocational institutes and allied institutions in India
  • Develop as model centre/institution for technical teacher education and training

Implementation strategies used forTLC project:

The stage wise implementation strategy used by TLC includes the following:

Major Achievements during 2018-2021

  1. 1176 Teachers from universities, engineering and polytechnic colleges benefited through various programmes, workshops, seminars and TLC activities.
  2. Completed Need gap analysis research with help from 650 respondents.
  3. Ongoing development of 39 major Learning Resources ongoing involving 62 Industry experts.
  4. Developed 23 reports of various programmes, workshops, seminars and TLC activities.
  5. Organised 04 Faculty Induction Programmes of 4 week duration for 96 higher education teachers.
  6. Conducted 10 training of teachers (TOT) for 418 teacher educators of higher Education.
  7. Establishment of start-up and incubation centre for potential entrepreneurs.
  8. Organised 05 nos. of workshops, seminars. Conference and national meet.

PMMMN Mission on Teachers training , MoE informed TLC –NITTTR Bhopal to continue programmes after 2022 on self substance basis, The future plan into Offer 15 TOT Training of Teacher Educators programmes during 2022-23 and onwards to develop Master Trainers in UG/PG Colleges /engineering college/ vocational institutes and allied institutions in India from prioritized states and UTs.

Please contact for further details : Coordinators- Prof.R.B.Shivagunde/Prof M.A Rizvi